Understanding Booking Text, Booking Questions & Customer Questions

Booking Questions allow you to take information from your Customer each time that they make a Booking. Questions can take the form of Yes/No, have a text field for replies, have multiple choice options, and more. These questions are asked each time a Customer makes a Booking, and can be assigned to different Services, Resources, and Events as you desire. 

Booking Text provides additional information to Customers as they make a Booking. Provide disclaimers, warnings, or pre-appointment instructions with Booking Text. Booking Text appears as Customers select a Service/Resource/Event to be booked and can be displayed before Checkout or during Booking Confirmation.

Addresses manages the different locations your Business operates in. This can be a single Location, or a list of multiple Locations. 


From the Dashboard, click Configure to open the JRNI Configuration menu.

Click Questions to view and edit Booking Questions.

Click Booking Text to view and edit Booking Text.

Click Addresses to manage Business Locations.

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