View Public Site

The JRNI Public site is a customisable website that is separate from your JRNI widget. You can direct your Customers to this website with a link, and take Bookings from your Customers without the need for a company website. 

To view the Public Site; from the Dashboard, click Publish.

Under Public Site, click View Public Site.

The Public Site will be displayed.

To test a Customer's journey through the Public Site, it is important to remember that Staff and Owners who are logged into JRNI will be granted special privileges while making Bookings. This means that if you are logged into JRNI while accessing the Public Site link, you will still see the Owner-level journey instead of the Customer one.

To stop this, save the Public Site link and access it while logged out of JRNI. You can also access the Public Site while in 'Incognito' or 'Do Not Track' mode to view the Customer journey of your Public Site.

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