Customising the BookingBug Widget

The BookingBug customizable Widget is the main access point your Customers will use to make appointments at your Business. This widget can be easily embedded into an already existing Business website, allowing Customers to make appointments without leaving your site. The widget can be customized by color and is also capable of CSS coding to change the appearance (for advanced users).

From the Dashboard, click Publish.

Click Customise Widgets on the left column.

Click the desired widget size. The widget Preview field will display the widget with its currently chosen settings.

Click the Color fields to adjust the widget color scheme.

Select the desired color, then click OK.

The Rounded corners checkbox will allow you to toggle the rounded corner appearance on and off.

Once completed, enter the desired color scheme name, then click Save to save the widget theme.

Click Enable Custom CSS to enable CSS coding to customize the appearance of your widget further. CSS coding is an advanced markup language that should only be enabled for users experienced in advanced web development. The cost of CSS is ~$10.00 USD, in addition to your regular monthly charge.

Click to select the text contained in the Script to Copy for specific widget field. This script will allow you to embed the BookingBug widget in your company's website. This script will not change in appearance as settings to the widget are altered. Any updates to widget settings should populate to your BookingBug widget automatically after a few minutes.

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