Start Days For Week Based Bookings

Use the Week Start Day field to determine what day of the week Week-long bookings will begin. Use the Non-Start Days field to select days of the week to begin multiple-day Bookings. This setting will allow you to limit stays to weekends-only, weekday only, and so on.

From the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon.

Click Dept Settings.

Click Services.

Click Change next to the Week start day field.

Select the desired day of the week, then click Save. Select Set the changeover day per-schedule to choose per item.

Click Change next to the Non-start Days field.

Select the desired option, then click Save. If you select Bookings can start only on specific days, click to select the desired Day checkboxes to configure. (You can also click the Single Booking Conditions checkbox to restrict weekend Bookings to three days.)

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