Adjusting Booking Settings (Appointment Types, Members, Shopping Basket)

Determine how your company takes Bookings by editing the Bookings section. Your business can take bookings, reservations, and enquiries, use Member accounts, Parent/Child accounts, Pre-configured bookings, and shopping baskets.

From the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon.

Click Dept Settings.

Click Bookings.

Click Change next to the desired Booking setting to adjust.

Public Booking and Member Booking allow you to determine which kind of appointments can be made by regular Customers of your Business, and Member accounts, if they are enabled. You can block access, show availability only, take enquiries which require your approval before payment is made, take reservations, and take standard Bookings. You can also configure this option per-Service. Select the desired Booking setting, then click Save.

Parent and Child Accounts allow you to link email addresses between Parents and their Children, allowing a single Parent to book on behalf of their children.

Pre-configured Bookings allow you to force Customers to use pre-paid or block Bookings instead of standard single Bookings. You can use Pre-configured Bookings with Members without adjusting this setting.

Shopping Basket allows your Customers to add multiple items to a purchase instead of only taking single Bookings.

You can ask your Customers for their Mobile Phone Number, Address, and Postcode by adjusting the respective settings.

The Additional Options field allows you to create CAPTCHAs, ask for email address confirmation, disable Facebook/Twitter options, and skip the final confirmation step. Click the desired Additional options checkbox to turn on and off.

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