Customising Email

JRNI allows you to customise the Email, SMS, and Social Media messages of your Business. It is important that the display code for each email is not altered or adjusted improperly, as coding mistakes will cause email display issues. 

To customise email; from the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon.

Click Dept Settings.

Click Notifications.

Under 'Email' > 'Customise Emails', click Customise.

Next to the desired email, click Customise.

Enter the desired subject and email message, being careful not to alter any of the HTML data in the email improperly. Emails with coding errors will display improperly.

Click Dropdown menu to select how many hours the Email will be sent after, if the option is displayed.

Click Reset Email to reset the email to its default value.

Click Save. (For additional information on customisation of Email Tags, click View extra variables.)

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