Adjusting Pricing Settings

Pricing Settings will allow you to set prices for your Business, or you may offer Bookings for free. You can set Pricing Schedules to change the cost of items at your Business throughout the day. Discounts will allow you to offer multiple bookings for a discounted price, and Deposits will allow you to take deposits on Bookings rather than a full payment. You can adjust the currency that your Business uses, and adjust tax settings to add a percentage tax.

From the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon.

Click Dept Settings.

Click Pricing.

Click Change next to the desired setting to adjust.

The Pricing field lets you set whether Prices are turned on or off.

The Price By field lets you select how your Business prices its different services. Price items by Service, Staff, or Resource. You can also use a mixture of these Settings by using Varies per service.

Pricing Schedules allow you to change prices for Services throughout the course of the day.

Offer discounts for multiple bookings of the same Service using Discounts.

Deposits allow you to ask for a deposit rather than have the Customer pay the full amount. You can turn on or off, or set Deposits per Service/Event.

Currency sets the currency type that your Business will charge by.

Use the Checkout Tax/Charge field to charge tax on all of your JRNI transactions. This setting will apply to all purchases made on your JRNI account if enabled.

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