Pricing Schedules

Pricing Schedules allow you to change the prices for Services throughout the course of the day, or year. (It is important to note that Pricing schedules cannot be applied to already created Services retroactively. Create a new Service after this setting has been toggled on to begin using Pricing schedules. Do not turn off Pricing schedules while there are active schedules applied to Services, as this can cause irregular account behaviour.)

To turn on; from the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon.

Click Dept Settings.

Click Pricing.

Under Pricing Schedules, click Change.

Select Schedule Based Pricing, then click Save.

Create a new Service with Pricing Schedules toggled on. Click the Time Settings tab. (This tutorial creates an 'Hour/Minute' Service.)

Click Create Price Time Schedule.

Each colour on the Pricing schedule corresponds to a price for that time of the day. Enter the desired price for the Green field, then click and drag to select the desired hours for that price.

Click Create Another to create another price setting.

Click the Red field, then click and drag to select the desired times to apply the pricing schedule. (This tutorial has selected a price of $100 on weekdays in green, and a price of $140 on the weekend in red. Additional pricing schedules may be created and set as you desire.)

Click Save.

Click Create. (Do not edit additional settings on the Event before saving the Pricing schedule.)

Click Delete Schedule to remove a Pricing schedule from a Service.

Click OK.

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