Account Levels: User, Administrator, and Owner

From the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon.

Click Users & Admins.

Individuals who have access to your JRNI account may have three different access levels. Owner-level accounts can make changes of all kinds to the account. They may edit Business settings, add and remove Staff and Services, and change payment settings for the account. Use this level of account access for yourself, and any other Business managers with whom you trust to make important changes.

Administrator-level accounts can view your account, view and edit your Calendar, and make/cancel appointments. They cannot edit Business settings, or change Service, Resource, or Staff settings. Use this level of account access for all of your senior Staff Members, or Business managers.

User-level accounts can view your Calendar, and list of Customers. Their access to other areas of the account is limited, and they cannot make Settings changes. Use this level of account access for all of your standard Staff Members.

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