What is a Booking?

JRNI is a service that allows your company to make bookings for all sorts of appointments. This includes rentals, hotel services, personal training sessions, house calls, and more. If you are making bookings either internally within your business or with your Customers, chances are JRNI can be of service to you.

Bookings in JRNI can be made according to Time, the Service provided (Such as Cleaning, Driving, etc.), the Staff Member providing the Service, or to a Resource (such as a Classroom or Hotel Room).

Each Booking in JRNI receives a Booking Reference #, which can be used to look up the Booking.

Different Businesses use different types of Bookings to create appointments. A Hotel service creates bookings by Suite number or Room (Resource-based), while a Ski-Touring Service would provide Tours and Lessons for Customers (Service-based). An Events-based Business would sell tickets to a seminar, or allow Customers to enroll in recurring classes.

It is important to understand what type of Business you plan to create in JRNI, and how your Bookings will be made. Is your Business Events-based, providing different Services, or providing Rentals? Are you running an escape-room, or are you a personal trainer providing individual sessions? Knowing the answers to these questions will be integral in configuring your Business properly, and when complete will allow you and your Customers to make Bookings and schedule availability automatically and with ease.

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