Once you've set up your Services, Staff, Resources and scheduling, you can start allowing your customers to make bookings! Under Publish in JRNI, you can choose from a variety of ways to start taking Bookings online.

To access the most commonly used widget; From the Dashboard; click Publish

Click View Public Site. This will display a fully functioning JRNI widget as your Customers will see it on your website.

Single Widgets allow Customers to make bookings for a single type of appointment by Resource, Staff member, Service, Event, Category, and so on. Use these widgets to allow Customers to book single items your Business offers.

Click Public Site to edit the displayed text and appearance of the Widget on its main screen.

Other features in Publish will allow you to customise the appearance of your Widget and 'Book Now' buttons, send information to an RSS, use Drupal and WordPress, or embed a JRNI link into a social media site.

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