Determining your Type of Business

It is important to determine your Business type and configure your Business settings completely before beginning account configuration. Altering Business settings after Services and Events have already been created can cause scheduling and compatibility issues.

JRNI supports two major Business types. Service-based Businesses will provide a Service to a Customer in a specific time and place. The Customer will purchase the Service and schedule their own appointment according to the availability options determined by JRNI. Car rentals, salons, and exterminators are all Service-based Businesses.

The second type is an Events-based Business. Events-based Businesses may offer recurring classes and courses that can either be purchased as a whole, or by individual class. Settings in JRNI will let you customise ticket price, create wait list options, and set maximum size for your classes. Charitable foundations, teaching academies, and theaters are all compatible with Events-based Businesses.

Unsure about your Business settings? Try configuring a Service-based Businesses first if you are not offering recurring classes or holding one-off Events.

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