Attendees (Editing, Emailing, Exporting)

From the Dashboard, click Configure to open the JRNI Configuration menu.

Click Single Events.

Click Edit next to the desired Event.

Click Edit Attendees.

Click Cancel to cancel the Course Booking, or click Details to view and edit the Customer's full details for the Event. (This tutorial selects Details.)

Make the desired changes, then click Save.

Click Edit to edit payment and view Customer details for the attendee.

Make the desired changes, then click Update.

Click Show Cancelled / Hide Cancelled to show or hide cancelled appointments while viewing this menu.

Click Email Attendees to create and send a customised email to the current attendees of your Course.

Click Export Attendees to create and export a .csv of your Course's attendees and Booking information.

Click Widget under Publish Event to view and edit the Single Event Widget for this specific Event.

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