Viewing & Navigating the Calendar (Dashboard)

The Calendar displays current upcoming appointments, and lets you adjust basic appointment details quickly and easily. Move and cancel bookings, add block time, and print booking information from the Calendar. From this menu you can also view a list of upcoming and past appointments, perform searches for bookings, and view Business Insights.

Click Calendar to open and view the JRNI Calendar.

Click a date on the mini-Calendar to display scheduling details for that week.

Click the Navigation arrows to skip forward and backward through months on the Calendar.

Select an item in the top left of the Calendar to view it's schedule.
The Calendar can be organised to view an overview of the Business, or view a single item and it's specific schedule.

Click the Cog icon in the top right of the Calendar to change the display style. The Calendar can display in standard Calendar format, and a List View.

Click Dashboard Options to view additional Calendar options.

Adjust Dashboard options as desired, then click Save.

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