Customer Questions

Customer Questions allow you to ask your Customer a series of questions when they first sign up for the Business. This information will be stored on the Customer's Contact or Member entry and will be able to be referenced in Customer details.

To access the Customer Questions menu; from the Dashboard, click Customers.

Click Questions.

The Customer Questions menu will be displayed. Click the Up and Down arrows to change a Question's position on the list. Top items will display first and then continue downward. 

Click Create New to create a new Customer Question.

Enter in the Question to the Question field.

Select the Question Type from the dropdown menu. 

Click Create when complete. 

To view or edit Customer Questions for a specific Customer; from the Dashboard, click Customers

Click View next to the desired Customer.

Click Additional Details.

Customer Question's and their answers will be displayed. Edit Customer Questions if desired, then click Save.

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