Adding & Modifying Customer Questions

From the Dashboard, click Customers.


Click Questions.


Click Create New.


Enter the desired question in the Question field.


Click the Question Type dropdown menu to select the desired question type. An empty text field, radio buttons, a dropdown list, a price list, and a date selection are all possible with BookingBug.


Enter a default value for the question, if desired.


Click the Checkboxes to select if the question requires an answer, will be included in SMS details, or only appears during Administrator setup.


Enter Help text, if desired.
Optional: Click the Conditional question dropdown menu to view other existing questions, then select the desired question.


Select the desired answer for the question. If your Customer selects any of these answers, your new Customer Question will then appear. The question will be skipped if the Conditional question is not answered in this way.


Edit additional Question details, if desired, then click Save.


To edit Customer Questions for an existing Customer; from the Dashboard, click Customers.


Click View next to the desired Customer.


Click Additional Details.


Customer Question's and their answers will be displayed. Edit Customer Questions if desired, then click Save.

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