Your Business Tab

The Your Business tab allows you to configure your Business' Staff Members, Resources, and Services. (These Settings will appear when toggled on for your Business. If your Business settings have Staff, Resources, or Services toggled off, the option will not appear on the menu.)

To access; from the Dashboard, click Configure.

The Your Business menu will be displayed.

Click Staff to view and edit your Business Staff members.

Click Resources to view and edit your Business Resources. This will include items like boats for boat rentals, condominiums available for weekend stays, private offices for appointments to take place, or available vehicles for a driving/livery company. Business can have a single Resource, multiple indentical Resources, or a variety of different Resources.

Click Services to view and edit your Business Services. This will include terms such as hair cuts, meeting sessions, consultations, rentals, hotel stays, and so on. Businesses can provide a single Services, or multiple different Services.

Click Who / What / Where to view and edit your Business' availability according to Staff, Resource, Service, or Event. (See the Who / What / Where article for additional instruction.)

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