Who & What & Where

While Staff and Resources are in use, JRNI can automatically determine availability and show your Business' schedule to Customers. Certain Staff members may only be able to provide certain Services, and some Resources may only be able to facilitate a select group of Services. The Who / What / Where menu allows you to configure these settings with an easy-to-use Availability grid.

To access; from the Dashboard, click Configure.

Click Who / What / Where. (These Settings will appear when toggled on for your Business. If your Business settings have Staff, Resources, or Services toggled off, the option may appear differently on the menu.)

Click the desired VIEW BY option. (This tutorial selects 'SERVICE'.)

Click the desired Staff Member, Service, or Resource option to display the Availability grid. (This tutorial selects a Service.)

The Availability grid will display. The Green circles indicate that the corresponding Staff Member is capable of providing the Service. Click the icons to toggle availability on and off for the desired item. Click the Square icon at the beginning of each column to select an entire row. In this image Barry, Emma, and Luke can provide Nutrition Consultations, while Ed and Kate cannot.

In this image, the RESOURCE option has been selected. The Availability grid has been configured so that CONSULTATION ROOM #1 can provide Microchipping and Medical Consultation Services at a Pet Store.

CONSULTATION ROOM #2 cannot provide Microchipping, but is capable of holding Nutrition Consultations and Pet Grooming in addition to Medical Consultations. Kate is not trained to perform Pet Grooming.

Select the desired configuration, then click Save. JRNI will automatically display your Business' availability for all Bookings and will dynamically respond to moved Bookings, cancellations, and new appointments in real time.

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