Understanding How Settings Affect the Who & What & Where tool

The Who / What / Where tool is a dynamic grid that will allow you to select which Staff Members can perform certain Service(s), which Resource(s) are required to hold the Service, and so on.

The Who / What / Where grid will only display parts of the Business that are toggled on. The Business settings menu allows you to set how your company does its Business, and will allow you to turn Services, Staff Members, and Resources on or off. (The Business Settings menu can be accessed by clicking the Cog/Settings icon, and then clicking Settings > Business.)

It is important to understand the implications of Business settings as they apply to the Who / What / Where menu. If only Services and Staff are toggled on, the menu will only consist of which Staff perform which Service.

If, however, all three sections are toggled on; then a series of grids will be displayed and allow you to choose which Staff and Service, but also where Services can be held according Resource. This three-tiered availability allows JRNI users to individually schedule each Staff Member, Service, and Resource at the Business. JRNI can determine in real-time the availability of each item, and will assign it to the proper Staff member, Resource, or both.

Events can also be configured to require Resources and Staff Members. These options are edited in each Event and are not visible on the Who / What / Where menu.

If you are unable to book a specific time or a specific Staff Member, refer to the Who / What / Where menu first to double-check that the Staff or Resource is capable of holding and is available for the appointment.

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