Using the Who & What & Where tool

The Who / What / Where tool is a dynamic grid that will allow you to select which Staff Members can perform certain Service(s), which Resource(s) are required to hold the Service, and so on.

See 'Understanding How Settings Affect the Who / What / Where tool' before making changes to the grid.

From the Dashboard, click Configure to open the JRNI Configuration menu.

Under Who / What / Where, click Edit. (The displayed title for the menu will vary according to your Business settings.)

Click VIEW BY... to view the Who / What / Where grid. (This tutorial selects VIEW BY STAFF MEMBER [Who].)

Click the desired Staff Member.

A grid will display. The Green circles indicate that the selected Staff Member is capable of providing the Service or Resource.

In this example, BARRY is capable of providing Nutrition Consultation and Pet Grooming in Consultation Rooms #1 and #2. The equipment for Microchipping is only available in Room #2. As a result, we have blocked the capability of providing this Service in Consultation Room #1. BARRY isn't qualified to hold any of the Events at the store, so those are marked as unavailable.

In this example, we are viewing the CONSULTATION ROOM #1 Resource. The room is capable of holding all Events and Services at the store, but cannot provide Microchipping.

In this example, we are viewing the PET GROOMING Service. All employees at the store, except for Luke, are capable of providing pet grooming. Pet Grooming is only performed in Consultation Room #1.

Click Save to save the changes. Navigate to another page without clicking Save to abandon changes.

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