What are Class & Event Groups?

Groups are used to determine Booking Questions, and organize your different Events in your JRNI widget. Groups are optional for your Business and are not required. 

From the Dashboard, click Configure to open the JRNI Configuration menu.

Click Groups. (These Settings will appear when toggled on for your Business. If your Business settings have Courses or Events toggled off, the option will not appear on the menu.)

Click Search to Search Groups. Click Create New to create a new Group.

Click the Arrow icons to reorder Groups on the Group list.

Click Edit to edit the Group, Delete to remove the Group, and Show to view Group details. (This tutorial selects Edit.)

Group's have a name and description field, a Category setting, and some options for Promotional deals.

Edit Group settings as desired, then click Update.

While editing an Event or Course, scroll to view the Group and Category menu.

Click the Current Group dropdown menu to select the desired Group.

Scroll to the bottom, then click Save to save the Group.

To sort Courses and Events by Group in your JRNI widget; from the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon.

Click Dept Settings.

Click Widget.

Scroll to, then check the Display Services by Category First checkbox.

Enter the desired Category nicknames in the Name field, then enter a Description for each Group, if desired.

Click Save.

Events and Courses will now display by Group name in the JRNI widget.

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