Basic Insights Charts

Insights Charts allow you to build reports, graphs, and charts of your Business data. Use this information to optimize your Business practices, and market to your Customers more effectively.

From the Dashboard, click Insights.

Click Basic Insights Charts.

A list of options will be displayed for Insights. Scroll to, then click View next to the desired option. You can choose to view Bookings by day of the week, time of day, day, week, or a list of all Bookings.

Click the Value to Chart dropdown menu to select the desired value to display for the Report selected.

Use the Resource, Service, and Person dropdown menus to select the desired chart criteria.

Click the Calendar icon next to the From and To fields to select the desired date range.

Repeat these steps for Column 2 and Column 3, if desired.

Click Create Chart to view the chart for the current settings.

Click Save as CSV to save the chart as a .csv file.

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