...Before you Adjust!

Business Settings are an integral part of your BookingBug account, and will determine how BookingBug manages your Resources, availability, and pricing for your Business. It is important to manage these Settings carefully, as adjusting the way you do Business will affect Settings already created in BookingBug.

Avoid Entering values for settings that your Business does not plan to utilize.

Do not adjust Business Settings without evaluating how these Settings may affect your existing Business configuration. A deleted Resource or Staff Member cause Services at your Business to appear unavailable. It's important to consider the affect adjusting settings may have on already existing BookingBug configurations.

Toggle off completely areas of your Business that are not in use. It is recommended that BookingBug accounts handle either Service-based or Events-based Booking, and not a combination of the two interchangeably. You are premitted to create as many BookingBug accounts as you require to run your Business or Businesses.

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