Understanding the Services Menu

From the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon.

Click Dept Settings

Click Services.

The Questions field determines whether you ask your Customers additional questions during Booking or not. The setting can be adjusted to ask one set of questions, or ask a different series of questions for each Service or Event.

The Booking Spaces field selects whether your Business offers a single spot for each Booking, or if Bookings have spaces for multiple attendees.

The Service type field selects whether Bookings at your Business are made for the week, day, or hour. Bookings can be set to have multiple different lengths, as well as use a combination of all of these options.

Use the Week Start day field to set the desired day of the week for weekly Bookings to begin on. You may also set the changeover day per-schedule. 

Use the Non-Start Days field to select days of the week to begin multiple-day Bookings. This setting will allow you to limit stays to weekends-only, weekday only, and so on.

The Service schedule field lets you choose whether or not you would like availability to be determined by Service. Selecting 'No service schedules' will determine availability by Resource and/or Staff. Selecting 'Schedule for each service' will allow you to set Service schedules which will determine the hours that each Service is available for Bookings by Customers.

The Service Groups field allows you to determine how your Services will be priced. You can elect to have all Services priced the same regardless of the Staff member, or you can set Service prices to adjust according to the Staff member providing the Service. This is a great feature for spas or hair stylists who employ technicians with varying skill levels.

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