Deposits, Currency, and Tax

Deposits allow you to take a partial payment to reserve an appointment. The Currency setting will allow you to set the currency in which your Business bills their Customers, and the Tax field can apply a tax on the total bill for all of your transactions.

From the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon.

Click Dept Settings.

Click Pricing.

Scroll to, then click Change under Deposits.

Select the desired option, then click Save.

Create a new Service or Event.

The Deposit field will appear near the Price field on the new Event or Service. (This tutorial is editing a Pricing schedule. Deposits are toggled on and the deposit amount is visible next to the chosen Price colour.)

Enter the desired Deposit amount, then click Save.

Currency can be changed to fit your company's requirements. This will apply to all monetary transactions done through JRNI. Values will not automatically update according to Currency values, so ensure that this setting is adjusted initially to prevent any configuration issues. Access the Pricing settings menu to adjust currency.

Scroll to, then click Change under Currency.

Select the desired Currency option, then click Save.

Checkout Tax/Charge can add an additional tax to the final bill total at checkout. Access the Pricing settings menu to adjust tax options.

Enter the desired checkout percentage tax.

Enter the desired name of the tax as it will be displayed to Customers.

Click Save.

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