The JRNI Dashboard displays a Calendar view of bookings at your business. This is the main access screen for JRNI, where all tutorials will begin.

 From the Dashboard, click the Calendar to view upcoming appointments, manually create or cancel bookings, or perform searches of past and future bookings. Click Dashboard at any time while using JRNI to return to this screen.

Click Search to search your bookings by Customer, reference number, and more.

Click the desired option along the Navigation bar to view. Click to view the Calendar, view a list of your Customers, Configure Business options, adjust Publishing/Display options for your Widget, and view a test-version of your current Widget.

Click the Calendar Cog to adjust viewing options for the Dashboard Calendar.

Click Insights to view Business analytics.

The Cog/Settings bar allows you to access your Account settings, view the JRNI KnowledgeBase, and Log out of your account.

Click the Cog/Settings icon to view the My Business Menu, where you can view and adjust all Business settings.

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