Staff (People)

Staff Members are the people who help run your Business, and provide the various Services your Business offers. Some Businesses will not require the use of Staff Members, while other business will have complete Availability Schedules and specific Services provided by each Staff Member.

Staff Availability schedules can be adjusted by hour and by day, and will allow you to automatically determine which Staff Members are available to provide the different Services offered at your Business.

The Who & What & Where menu can be used to determine which Staff Members at your Business are capable of providing which Services.

Staff Members can receive emails and text messages reminding them of their appointments, and can view/adjust their availability using their individual Staff JRNI accounts.

To toggle Staff Member settings for your Business on and off; From the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon

Click Dept Settings

Click Business. 

Select or deselect the Staff Members option on this page and click Save.

To toggle Staff Schedule Sharing for your Business on and off; From the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon.

Click Dept Settings.  

Click Staff.

Click Change under Staff Schedule Sharing. 

Select the desired option and click Save

This will allow you to set individual schedules for your Staff Members, or have each staff member share the same schedule.

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