Resources are the physical items or spaces that your Customers use to book at your Business. Resources can be hotel room suites at a bed & breakfast, or electric motorcycles provided by a Rental company.

Resource-based businesses will provide resources at a certain price to Customers, while other Business configurations will use a combination of Resources and Services to determine availability. A classroom with Mrs. Smith teaching Science, for instance, will require a classroom and a Staff Member to provide the teaching service. 

To toggle Resources for your Business on and off; From the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon

Click Dept Settings.

Click Business.

Select or deselect Physical Resources and click Save. A Business can manage a single Resource or a selection of different Resources.

To edit Resource settings for your Business; From the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon

Click Dept Settings

Click Resources.

You can adjust Resource schedules per Resource or across all Resources, as well as toggle on Multiple Identical Resources. Multiple Identical Resources allows your Business to have multiple copies of a single Resource. This is useful when providing car rentals or other businesses that provide multiple instances of a certain Resource.

It is important to understand what type of Business you plan to create in JRNI, and how your Bookings will be made. Is your Business Events-based, providing different Services, or providing Rentals? Are you running an escape-room, or are you a personal trainer providing individual sessions? Knowing the answers to these questions will be integral in configuring your Business properly, and when complete will allow you and your Customers to make Bookings and schedule availability automatically and with ease.

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