Creating a New Account (Free Trial)


From the BookingBug homepage, click Small Business.

Click Pricing.

Click Start Free Trial beneath the desired account type.

Click the Your Name field, then enter the desired Business Owner name.

Enter the desired account email address. BookingBug will send all email confirmations and other correspondence to this address.

Enter and re-enter the desired account password.

Enter a referral code, if one was received.

Read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, then click the Checkbox to confirm.

Click Continue.

Click the Business name field, then enter the desired Business name.

Enter the desired Business website address.

Enter the desired Business phone number.

Select the desired question answer from the Dropdown menu.

Click Continue.

Click the desired options that best suits your Business needs. (This tutorial selects a Service-based Business taking Appointments.)

Enter the desired Service name and duration.

Enter a desired Staff Member name.

Click Next.

Click the Green icon to set available working hours. (Skip to Step 4 if your account has already been configured.)

Click and drag across the grid to select the desired Business working hours. This configuration has the Business open from 9AM to 6PM on weekdays, and 12PM to 5PM on Saturday.

Click the Grey icon to select Business closing hours, then click and drag across the Availability grid to set.

Click Next.

Click Upgrade to Personal Plan, if desired. Click Start using BookingBug to begin using BookingBug!

Account configuration is now finished. Click Go to the Configure Page to begin. Return to the BookingBug KnowledgeBase at any point for additional instructions on using BookingBug.

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