Selecting A Pricing Plan

JRNI offers three different pricing plans for our SME product. The Solo plan is for Businesses that are run by you and only you. You may configure a single Resource, or multiple Resources that are identical. You may provide 30 different Services at this Business.

The Solo plan is perfect for professionals who provide Services on their own. Personal training, dog-walking, one-on-one consultations and individual sports instruction are all good matches for this plan. The plan is capable of handling up to 200 Booking per month. If you're looking to add Staff Members and use different Resources, the Solo plan is not recommended.

The Small plan provides the option to add and schedule up to 5 Staff Members, and can support 10 different Resources. This plan is great for your small brick-and-mortar store, or any Business that uses space in your building to provide their Services. The plan can have a maximum of 40 Services, and can handle 500 Bookings per month.

A good example for a Small plan would be a car rental outlet. One of the Services offered is a Car Rental, and the 10 Resources used are the individual cars to be rented. This plan also works with multiple identical Resources, so if your car rental has 15 cars of the same model, you can simply set 1 Resource to have 15 identical instances. Do not use the Small plan if your Business already has more than 5 Staff Members, or requires more than 10 different Resources to provide your Services.

The Medium plan is the largest plan JRNI offers for its SME product. This plan is ideal for Businesses with up to 10 Staff Members, and can facilitate 20 different Resources and 50 offered Services. A Tutoring school may have ten teachers, each who can provide different Services in different areas of the building (Resources). This is a good example of a Medium plan in action. If you are running a Medium-sized Business that runs from a single location, this is the plan for you.

If your Business is well outside the scope of our SME product, feel free to submit an enquiry regarding Enterprise options. This program is for large businesses and corporations looking to implement Booking systems on a large scale across multiple locations. View the Contact Us page to get in touch with our Enterprise sales representatives.

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