Pricing & Tickets (Simple)

From the Dashboard, click Configure to open the JRNI Configuration menu.

Click Single Events. (These Settings will appear when toggled on for your Business. If your Business settings have Courses or Events toggled off, the option will not appear on the menu.)

Click Edit next to the desired Event. Click Create New to create a new Event.

Scroll to the Pricing & Tickets field.

Simple Single Price tickets are sold for a set price and have a set limit of tickets that can be sold. Complex Pricing allows you to set multiple ticket levels for different costs, and set limits for each group of tickets, as well as total tickets sold. (This tutorial selects Simple Single Price tickets.)

Enter the desired total ticket limit into the Space/Tickets field.

If Deposits are toggled on, click the Deposit Type dropdown menu to select the desired deposit type. Enter the desired amount in the Deposit field

The Max Bookings field controls the maximum amount of Bookings a single Customer can hold at the Event.

Click the Limit max tickets by email checkbox to limit tickets according to email address.

Tickets can be bought in bulk, or require separate information entered for each ticket. You can also require an email address for each separate ticket. Use the Ticket Type dropdown menu to select the desired ticket option.

The Minimum time in Advance field select how far in advance your Customers can purchase tickets to the event. The Minimum Cancel field selects the minimum time in advance that Customers can still cancel their tickets. Use the Dropdown menus to select by minutes, weeks, hours, or months. 

Use the Require PDF checkbox to toggle whether tickets are used in PDF form.

Toggle whether the amount of spaces left at the Event is visible to your Customers with the Select spaces view dropdown menu

Edit Pricing & Ticket details as desired. Scroll to, then click Save / Create.

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