Single & Multiple Serivce, Resource, and Staff Settings

From the Dashboard, click the Cog/Settings icon

Click Dept Settings

Click Business

Under Time based services, select Single Service if you offer only a single Sevice at your Business. Select Multiple Services to manage a variety of different Services at your Business. A car rental may only offer Rentals as a single Service. A hair salon offering haircuts, treatments, and stylings will offer multiple Services. (Search 'Multiple Identical Resources' for additional information.)

Under Physical Resources, select Single Resource if your Business manages only one Resource. Select Multiple Resources to manage more than one Resource, or multiple copies of a single Resource. A garage may have only one Resource in the form of a single garage space. A car rental may have two different Resources in the form of two different models of car. Resources can be configured so that multiple copies of the same Resource can exist. 

Under People/Staff, select Just Me if your Business is run by yourself alone. Select Multiple Staff if your Business requires managing multiple Staff Members and their schedules.

Click Save to confirm changes.

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