How to Contact JRNI Support

There are several ways that you can contact JRNI Support:

JRNI Support Portal

This is the preferred method for requesting help from JRNI Support. Using the JRNI Support Portal, you can view Knowledgebase articles and submit request tickets to JRNI Support. The benefit of contacting us through the JRNI Support Portal is that you are prompted for all of the details needed for our team to investigate and respond as quickly as possible. In addition, you are able to view a list of all your active and previously solved tickets. This is helpful when you need to check the latest status or if you need use solution details as a knowledge-base for similar questions/issues or to transfer information to other members of your team.


In situations where it is not possible or convenient to log into the JRNI Support Portal, you can send your request to JRNI Support via email. To ensure that we have all of the details needed for our team to investigate, please be sure to review the article on "Best Practices: Submitting Requests to Support Via Email".


London (UK) +44 (0)20-3318-1012
Boston (US) +1 716-968-2317
Sydney (AU) +61 2-8103-3098

If you need to speak with a JRNI Support agent directly, or are in a situation where you are not able to access the JRNI Support Portal or email, you can call our team at one of the numbers above. If all agents are assisting other callers, please leave a detailed message. A ticket will automatically be created and an agent will call you back as soon as possible.

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